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Globe Tech builds and maintains safe, dependable and environmentally responsible electrical infrastructure - the type of systems your customers demand. A force of linemen, veteran foremen and an enviable equipment fleet strong enough to build transmission and distribution lines, substations and structures in all states and types of terrain. Our customers know they can depend on our talented and experienced project managers and crew members to give each project the attention and focus it deserves to get projects done safely and correctly. We have adequate experienced team to arrange required necessary License and NOC’s (No Objection Certificate) to construct and manage power transmission lines. Contact us to learn more.


Transmission Line








Transmission Line

Building transmission lines is a complex operation. Globe Tech knows exactly how to get it done because we have professionals who know how to work often in challenging conditions. We have proven that we have the crew and equipments needed to construct multiple large-scale projects simultaneously. We also have tenured project leaders who demonstrate every day the importance of safe work, good communication and strong environmental stewardship.
We have the experience to handle all aspects of the process from material procurement, structure erection, wire stringing and overall project management.
While maintaining strong relationships with landowners and respecting and addressing environmental concerns on right-of-ways, our company has completed projects in some of the most challenging conditions. From farmland to mountains, in solid rock or crossing bays, on flat sandy soil or on steep rocky inclines, our company gets the job done.


Distrubution Line

We have established long-term partnerships with a variety of clients to perform distribution line construction and maintenance services. These collaborative relationships comprise fully-integrated teams with members consisting of key personnel from both the client’s and contractor’s project management staff. Primary benefits of performance partnerships include the fostering and achievement of common goals, improved decision-making, reduced costs and increase in production and efficiency.



All substation projects are unique; we are equipped for construction of traditional air-insulated and gas-insulated (GIS) substations. Offerings:

  • Pre-construction/Value engineering
  • Engineering
  • Panel fabrications for cabinets
  • Civil site work
  • Offloading/construction of control buildings
  • Control cable/terminations/wire work
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Security services
  • Welding/bus work
  • Materials management/procurement
  • Emergency Restoration


Maintainance of Lines and Sub-station

We are equipped with best IT Solutions to manage routine maintenance of line and substation. Our IT department has developed mobile app to track daily maintenance, our mobile app is already in use by various state power utilities department. Our staff is equipped for response in emergency to deal with unexpected shutdown and power failure. We are leaders in thermal-scanning of transmission lines and Substations; we are doing various projects for thermal scanning of lines to check hotspots and to deal with unexpected shutdown/power failures.

Project Done


We executed the mapping of existing networks of High Transmission Lines in hilly terrain and plain terrain. This project was done in the states Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.


We carried out the preliminary survey of various High Transmission Lines (765 KV, 400 KV). This was a pan India project in which we worked with the government and private comapnies.


We carried out thermovision scanning of various High Transmission Lines (765KV,400KV,220KV,132KV) and Sub-Stations (400KV,220KV,132KV). This was a pan India project in which we worked with the government and private comapnies.

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